Pune Is Rating Their Favourite Opticians And Winning! Are you?

Congratulations Kiran Ahuja from Pune on winning a Femina Eyewear by rating Dinshaw & Co!

Kiran Ahuja has won an eyewear model from Femina Eyewear! Now she can enjoy her time in the sun wearing his classy eyewear!

All she did was rate her favourite A. Dinshaw & Co, Pune on YouAndEyeOnline.com and there!

Congratulations to Mr Boman Bharucha, A. Dinshaw & Co, Pune as well! We know how great it might feel when your customers vote for you! Keep promoting!

These votes will count for the ZEISS ‘YOU&EYE’ AWARDS 2017 which will be announced on November 18th, 2017 in Delhi where the who’s who of the Indian Optical Industry is expected to come together. The title sponsor for the event is ZEISS and the co-sponsors are SILHOUETTE, CARRERA, POLAROID and CALI4NIA.

There’s still a lot of eyewear to be won. So go ahead and vote by clicking on the image below