Get Ready For Metal With Xavier Garcia!

The new metal frames from the Xavier Garcia Summer 2017 collection are conceived of as sculptures. In this line, collage is understood as a superposition of elements. It is used to design unique pieces with clear sculptural references, through their forms and balanced volumes

The new models – for women, for men, and one unisex – augment the range of metal frames. The work with steel block and laminated metal sheets overlaid like layers of skin shows a mastery of materials and techniques, as well as the great artistic sensibilities of the designer.

Volumes and shapes are combined in some models with metaled colours (golds, rosé, gunmetal, etc.) and with glossy or matte effects; in other models, with mono-colour solids with a matte finish.

As to shapes, the designer offers pure, well drawn lines which are very much on-trend. All of this is etched in a collection with its own personality.

A retro style design (Ø50) constructed from a block of worked steel. Combined with a colour pigment on its outer layer, the frame stands out for its very trendy rounded shape.Xavier Gracia

A large, angular frame (Ø53) with a pronounced retro style. Built from a block of worked steel, its pure lines are offered in sophisticated colour combinations.

A rectangular design with a double bridge (Ø57) and a decidedly masculine, sporty personality. Made from a block of worked steel, it shows off distinct planes, with combinations of bi-colour and matte finishes.

Designed in the aviator style (Ø57) and with a notably retro style. Created from a block of steel and with a reduced thickness on the internal face of the bridge, giving it flexibility. Worth noting is the smooth surface of the external face.

Frames by Xavier Garcia stand out for the all-new colour combinations and are eye-catching anywhere. Every piece of Xavier Garcia becomes a small work of art where extreme research has gone into shapes, proportions and colours. All the creations are eminently comfortable, adapt to urban lifestyles, unmistakable and always sure to turn heads!