Ic! Berlin & Dawid Tomaszewski Collaberate To Launch Sunglasses For The Modern Woman

ic! berlin’s collaboration with Dawid Tomaszewski has resulted in the creation of three luxurious sunglasses 


The three sunglasses, Lucja, Katarzyna and Małgorzata, are available in rosé gold and classic black

Great minds think alike. Holmes and Watson. Dolce and Gabbana. Bert and Ernie. Now, ic! berlin and Dawid Tomaszewski join forces to create a collection of luxurious, avant-garde sunglasses for the modern woman. Chic and feminine, these three sunglasses are inspired by strong women from Tomaszewski’s life and represent the past, the future and the here-and-now.

The best collaborators are able to speak the same language, a free-thinking, conceptual language. ic! berlin and Dawid Tomaszewski share this philosophy of high quality construction with attention to detail. “The best designs come from creative collaboration – so we were convinced that ic! berlin and the team at Tomaszewski would be able to create something very special,” says Tomaszewski. And special they are: three luxurious sunglasses, Lucja, Katarzyna and Małgorzata, available in rosé gold and classic black. These glasses are elegant and timeless and are designed to make every woman’s inner femininity shine.



Dawid Tomaszewski is a contemporary, luxury women’s wear brand based in Berlin. His clothes are experimental with an innovative design edge, using industrial and unconventional materials combined with inventive cutting, uncompromising tailoring and the avant-garde.

ic! berlin x Dawid Tomaszewski will launch in Spring 2015.